Thursday, September 10, 2020

Thinking Of: A New Photo Idea

In a recent meeting of my Book Arts & Editions course we had a remote interview and studio tour with artist Antonia Contro. Above her studio sink I noticed a photo on stretched canvas which she explained to me was simply an accordion folded paper in the shape of a cone or tent.

However straight forward and believable that explanation was, it was not satisfactory with what I saw. Instead, trough my grainy Zoom connection, what I interpreted was much less mundane. The image appeared to show a small figure with their upper body/head completely dwarfed by this enveloping dress with perfect folds and what I imagined to be a tulle torso. The head appears slightly askew with long dark hair.

The absolute contrast in size between the imagined head and dress creates an incredible illusion of scale in mind. Since then I've haven't been able to stop thinking about how to recreate my perceived image. For now this is what I have to work from:

All the best,